Hey there! 👋

I’m Jonathan Lei, and I work at TensorDock. Sometimes, I call myself the founder. Other times, I call myself a project manager (because that’s basically what my role entails). But in reality, I’m a software engineer-turned infrastructure geek.

One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do is write. When I was small, I wanted to write a journal (I started it, but then I stopped). Then, I wanted to document my experience getting my first job. I gave up soon thereafter. This blog changes this.

I’ve always thought to myself, what is the purpose of a blog?

Why should a company have a blog when it already has product documentation? If a blog is for articles, then should tutorials that belong in the documentation go here?

I realized that instead, a blog can serve as a place for employees to make announcements and reflect on their experiences. For TensorDock, I want to make this place an open space for employees to write whatever they want, and that starts with me in this very first post, talking about random things like the fact that I used to journal.

Below, I’ve included a snippet of the TensorDock team. I took this photo with on an outing with the engineering team in May. It was just me, Eric, Nithish, Suyash, and Riya (and Mark in outreach, not included in this photo).

TensorDock TeamMe, Jonathan, taking a selfie with Eric, Nithish, Suyash, and Riya in May 2022

Today, we stand 12 strong. We’ve more than doubled our team size in the span of a month and a half. As TensorDock grows, it’ll change from being just an group of guys Zoom’ing to build a new cloud to a diverse team spread around the world, working on more features, supporting more customers, building a more profitable company that thrives in the midst of global uncertainty.

We’ve grown beyond the point where we can openly and publicly criticize each other like friends because now, doing so would create a hostile work environment for newly-joined employees who are not exactly close friends. It’s now time to create an open space for employees to share ideas and announcements on their own — a place unlike product landing pages where cool features get cut for brevity, a place where TensorDock team members share any work-related things that they want, whether it be cool product features, customer spotlights, or tidbits on how we run our operation. That’s what this blog is for.

So, with that out of the way, welcome to the TensorDock blog! Check back every once in awhile. I guarantee you, it’ll be worth it :)