A symbol of our company culture

In order to break new barriers with TensorDock, our outreach team looked to a new industry, relatively unknown to most tech companies. We are proud to announce the first TensorDock rap, highlighting our new Marketplace. We hope you enjoy.

TensorDock Rap Click on the image to stream the song, straight from YouTube


Never static and we got a new Marketplace Dominating prices in the cloud gpu space Our GPUs are so unbelievably cheap The other GPU providers might as well weep We got the best prices all around Just give us a call, we the best in town Try us out for as low as seven cents Or become a host and earn some more rent We changing the game like a GPU-bomb Just give us a try at TensorDock.com


By Ryan Sun, Outreach Director @TensorDock and Rajat Baldawa, Full Stack Engineer @TensorDock. Originally made for an internal joke β€” but it’s too good to not share it πŸ˜‚